Red Rock Canyon - Intimate Wedding & Day After Session - Kaitlyn & Cody

Red Rock Canyon Wedding Photos - Kaitlyn & Cody - March 2019

Let me start by saying that I won’t wake up early for just anyone, but when Kaitlyn & Cody were down to climb around Red Rock Canyon, I knew it would be worth foregoing a few hours of sleep. I was lucky enough to capture their intimate Vegas wedding at the Wynn & Caesar’s Palace, and it was so much fun to go out the next day and run around what used to be my backyard park when I lived in Vegas in 2015.

One of the reasons Kaitlyn & Cody decided to do a day after session was because by the time the ceremony would take place, the light would be gone. Then they got to grab a few bride & groom portraits on the day but really focus on all their friends and families who had travelled out to Vegas for their wedding.

I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts, but day after sessions are the best. They relieve pressure to get portraits on the wedding day & allow you to travel to epic locations after the craziness of the wedding day is done without any time constraints or risk of missing spending time with your friends and family.

Red Rock Canyon Travel Recommendations:

Red Rock Canyon National Conservancy consists of a 13 mile loop with a variety of rocks, trails, and canyons along the trail. During this session, we climbed around in the Calico Hills - though if you’re planning to go during the day parking can be a bit tough. Hence why we went at sunrise! Make sure to bring comfy shoes & water when you head out since Vegas can get really warm.

We also took a few photos at the Overlook about halfway through the loop which meant we hardly had to hike out from the car at all but still got awesome dessert views. Then we ended on the far side of the loop with the epic canyon backgrounds.

A few hikes I’d reccomend for first-time visitors start by exploring around the Calico HIlls. If you’re a rock climber, this is the place to be too! Then head to the Calico Tanks for a 2.5 mile hike in some white & pink rock up to some natural pools. If you’re going in spring, the waterfall at the end of the Ice Box Canyon was flowing when I hiked out there with my boyfriend a few days before. And even if you’re not a hiker, the loop is worth the drive!