Northern california & Beyond

Elopements + Small Weddings


Hey, I’m Meg!

I’m a photographer based out in the San Francisco Bay Area & (soon!) Davis/Sacramento area - but always itching to explore more of the world.

I love spending my time with my two small dogs and boyfriend, eating way too many carbs, spending Tuesday nights with my boyfriend at the movie theatre watching the latest releases, and hiking as many trails as I have time for!

I’m in love with helping fellow outdoor enthusiasts, introverts, and fun-loving couples plan elopements & wedding days that are full of adventure, fun, and stress-free. I don’t just show up to take photos on your wedding day.. I’m a big planner, so I’m here to help you make timelines, find locations, be a sounding board for any or all of your wedding day ideas, and make sure you always feel comfortable and are having a great time! It’s about more than just the photos, it’s about the experience behind them.

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& A whole lot of fun