Madison & Cody: Jessie's Grove & Lodi Airport Couples Session

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Madison & Cody: Jessie's Grove & Lodi Airport Couples Session

One of my favorite parts of being a couple’s photographer is taking what is unique about each couple and finding ways to showcase that in new and exciting ways. Whether this means climbing around cliffs to get the best view, kneeling in the ocean, or getting on location at an airport, I love capturing photos that showcase the unique aspects of every couple.

I learned quickly that relying solely on my creativity was not going to work. Creativity works best when you’re working with your clients, not just for them. While I love photographing couples in these beautiful locations, I strive to be true to each couple. I realized that, while I have the tools to help make people’s visions into reality, it is vital to play off the creativity of each individual couple.

When I got in contact with the incredibly talented Madison (@madisongmaldonado) a few months ago, I realized how important combining creativity can be. I had seen her photos for a while, and I wanted to take advantage of her gorgeous styling. Within a few conversations, she revealed that her boyfriend was on track to becoming a pilot. She then sent some ideas about taking photos in front of planes. She knew of some of the cutest local airports with gorgeous, retro planes and we began to seek out dresses, flowers, and the perfect location.

We ended up shooting at a local winery called Jessie's Grove and at a small airport in Lodi. We began our shoot with a more relaxed, boho look and played around in the gorgeous vineyards and fields surrounding the wine tasting room. As it drew closer to sunset we headed to the airport to get some photos in front of the planes. Madison wore a gorgeous black dress and Cody wore his suit. Sierra of arrived with a gorgeous floral arrangement and we were set.

What made this shoot so special to me, was how many different creative influences went into the final concept and images. Sierra’s eye for the flower arrangement, Madison’s amazing style, Cody’s history with planes, and my photography and direction all worked together to create something beautiful. While it’s true we could have used any couple in front of the planes, working with Cody, whose family has a history with flying, and Madison who was sweet enough to find this connection for their couple’s photos, made for a very meaningful and striking photo set.

If you have something unique about your relationship, don't be afraid to tell me. Sometimes the parts of you that seem most ordinary - like a job - can make for the coolest photo sessions. 

Thanks for reading!