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Sea & Brandon

Zeke (my super cute and loving boyfriend) loves mountain biking and whenever we go to local or national parks he talks about the different trails he’d take and how he could make it over big jumps and rocks. He gets so excited thinking about how he would ride if he only had his bike. While my passion is not mountain biking, whenever we travel I think “dang, I would freaking love to third wheel a couple and take photos here”. AND that’s how I felt almost every single minute we were on Kauai.

Thanks goodness Sea & Brandon took a few hours during their day off to come explore Waimea Canyon and Kekeha Beach. These two help lead some tubing tours on the island, and they took on their tour guide roles as we drove around the island together. They told us all about different parts of Kauai and Brandon even climbed into a dense forest to get us some strawberry guava (10/10 would recommend!) These two frolicked around red sands and ended the session getting completely submerged in the warm Hawaiian waves. It was pretty much a dream and I'm already looking forward to the day I make it back.