Garden of Eden - Portraits

There is nothing better than exploring new locations with people who are local to the area. I was shown one of my all-time favorite shoot locations by Ksenia & Elana when I spent a weekend in Santa Cruz earlier this month.

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Shark Fin Cove

Many Bay Area photographers have their share of awesome photos taken at Shark Fin Cove in Davenport, CA, but up until last weekend I had never had the pleasure. As my friend Taylor (@taytayboxing) and I wandered around the beach across from the "shark fin" rock at sunset, I was amazed at how much more beautiful it was in person. Taylor braved the waves, climbed around on a ton of rocks, and even got a little bit splashed. (Do it for the shot, am i right?)

As a thank you for her bravery to "get the shot" and to her fiancee, Dylan (@hailestormin), who is always so much help when we're taking pictures, we snuck in a quick little couples session at the end. This was one of my first times experimenting with games during couples sessions. I prompted Taylor and Dylan to  play some silly games and asked them some questions about their relationship. Not only did we have a lot of fun, but both Taylor and Dylan actually look like they're having fun in these photos. I was super happy with how they turned out! 

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Also, check out more of Taylor's work at her website: 

Dreamy Skies & Curly Hair

Photos from my semi-styled session with Danica Hull (@DanicaAshHull) & Damon (@damondance16). I had a ton of fun with these two cuties on their short visit to San Francisco, and am becoming absolutely in love with capturing love. It is incredible to be given the opportunity to capture sweet moments between two people who really care for each other, and I'm so excited for some couples/engagement sessions coming up this month! 

Shot at Sutro Baths in San Francisco during Sunset (one of my favorite locations!!).

Gear: Canon 6D with 135mm and 24-70mm lenses. Some Pictures taken by my photo assistant/boyfriend/total cutie Zeke Morton.  


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Also, here's one of my favorite before/afters from the session: 

untitled (366 of 389)-HDR.jpg

What a Wonderful World

Most of my friends and clients know that I will almost always pick a natural, outdoor location over an urban or indoor one. There's nothing wrong with shooting in the city or in a studio, but I can't deny that I love shooting in nature. Forests, oceans, coastal cliffs, desserts... I love them all.


This week I got to work with my friend Candy Tong (@candytong12), a very talented dancer and model, and my friend Nathan Carlson (@nathaancarlson), a talented photographer who specializes in dance photography. While I love working with clients to create sessions that represent them and what they love, there's nothing better than planning a shoot that is really representative of your own style.

The romper Candy wore here was right up my alley. We got some awesome pictures of the fabric flowing in the wind and the white color tied her into the background as she was the color of the clouds.

But back to the nature...

The Bay Area is a wonderful place to be a photographer since there are so many great landscapes within a few minutes or hours of wherever your are. 

This particular day was one of the best days for a coastal shoot that I've seen in a while. The only thing I love more than being having an outdoor location is having an outdoor locations with clouds. I love love love how clouds add detail to a background and make it unique. Even though I'm sure tons of people have gotten pictures in Pacifica near Devil's Slide Trail, no-one else had the same cloud formations. This shoot was really unique because of that. The only thing better than a cloudy day, in my opinion, is an overcast one! 

I get so spoiled with how beautiful this area is. Within a 10 minute drive along the coast, we found a trail to the ocean, a coastal overlook, and a sandy beach.

How lucky we are to have these beautiful locations so close to where we are. Photography has made me realize how often I took these spots for granted, and how much beauty can be found within a few miles of where I live. 



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