Here's a list of quite a few of my favorite locations in and around the San Francisco/Bay Area. 

A quick Note about Locations

I want to preface this locations guide by reminding you that the most important part of the session is .... you!  If you are comfortable and having fun, the photos will come out 1000x better than if you're in a location that doesn't quite fit you. 

A few things to consider when you're deciding on a location:


1. Are you shy? While there's several locations that are super gorgeous, if there are a ton of tourists around and you are a little more camera shy, that place might not suit you best. I always prefer photographing people in spots that aren't busy. This leads to more intimate sessions and less time trying to avoid people in the background.

2. Does the location make sense for what you’re envisioning? If you want to shoot at a beach, but don't want to get sand all over and risk getting hit by a wave - maybe the beach isn’t the best option! Some locations require a bit more effort to get to - so are you ready to hike up a hill to get that view? Some of the best locations require extra work or risking getting dirty. Keep this in mind as you decide the spot for you! 

3. Does the location have meaning to you? While some of these grandiose locations can be great, don't forget about the spots that are important to you - maybe somewhere you had a first date or a favorite hiking spot. If we plan to have good light and we go in ready to have fun, we will get amazing photos! Some of my absolute favorite photo sessions have been in a local park in the neighborhood of a couple’s first home or at a hiking spot they went on one of their first dates.


While you are totally welcome to pick any of these locations, I am always open to ideas if you have a special location in mind or know of a pretty spot that I might not be aware of. Click the buttons below to look within each area.