When is the best time to schedule a shoot?

As a natural light photographer, I try to shoot primarily in what is called 'blue hour' or 'golden hour'. This describes the hour following sunnrise or preceding sunset. This is the time of day when the sun is lower in the sky, so lighting is much softer. Since I primarily shoot at these times, planning shoots mid-day may not have the same caliber of lighting that a sunrise/sunset shoot might.

What should I wear?

During portrait sessions, I recommend bringing at least two different outfits. Depending on your own personal style, I usually recommend bringing something casual and something more formal to make the most of your session with a variety of looks. In my personal experience, for girls, dresses (especially longer or flowing ones) tend to make unique and elegant photos. While I would avoid anything that restricts movement or anything with tiny stripes (which the camera has trouble dealing with), I believe it is important to wear what you feel confident in. If you feel confident and happy, your pictures will look happy.

For couples and family sessions, I would propose following a color scheme, to be sure that different outfits aren't clashing. I would try to stay away from picking outfits that match exactly. In most cases, this makes pictures look a bit tacky and keeps each individual from displaying a variation of their own style.  Again, avoid anything that limits movement or has tiny stripes.

Who decides on a location?

As much as I love to location scout and help clients decide on a location, I serve individuals throughout much of the Bay Area and may not be as aware of locations in certain areas. I can always help decide a location based off of the direction of the shoot, but I am 100% open to suggestions of beautiful backdrops.

Like I said in my bio, I often prefer to shoot in natural locations. This could be the beach, an open field, a patch of flowers, or any number of things. I also like to decide on a location following the decision of outfits. I'm a big believer in picking locations that compliment outfit choices.

I gurantee at least 25 edited photos delivered through an online gallery. This is included within the price for the session.

How Many Photos Will I Recieve?