Frequently Asked Questions!

+ Do we have to think of our own poses?

No way! One of the reasons to hire a photographer in the first place is so that they can create moments and make you look good in front of the camera. I like to play lots of games, ask questions, and guide you into flattering poses so that you don’t even have to worry. I also have styling guides and location guides so you don’t have to figure those out on your own. On wedding days, I try to implement a slightly more documentary style approach outside of portrait times but will for sure move you into areas with the best light if I have the chance.

+ Where are you based? Do you travel?

I am based in Brentwood, CA which is a small town way far out in the East Bay. I spend a lot of time in and around San Francisco though. I am 1000% open to traveling for sessions. I love exploring new places!

+ What are your travel fees?

Anything within 50 miles of my hometown Brentwood, CA is included. For travel within California, I charge $1/mile one way past the first 50. If we’re headed somewhere more than 3 hours away, I also request one or two night’s stay in a hotel just for my own safety! (6 hours of driving & 8-10 hours of wedding day photography is a bit risky!) For out-of-state and destination weddings, I ask for flights for me and a second shooter (traveling alone as a small girl with a lot of camera gear is not for me), at least two night’s stay in an airbnb/hotel, and the cost of a rental car. I do have a bucket list on my Investment page (head there to check that out) for some locations that I will offer discounted coverage to.

+ Why should I work with you for my wedding?

Besides the fact that I am a huge, loving dork, I am here to help. I want to create a relationship with you and your significant other, not just show up on your wedding day. I’m a planner so I offer up what I know to help you have the most successful day. Here’s a few specific things I’m around for: I’m here to help plan - I’ll even make you a custom timeline and we’ll work together to figure out all the details. I get in contact with you about 4-6 weeks before the wedding day to help nail out all those details (assuming you don’t have a coordinator to do the bulk of it!) I’m around if you need advice - I’ve been to a few weddings in my time, and have seen things that work super well and things that don’t. If you need an extra opinion or have a burning questions, I’m around to help. I won’t just be a stranger on your wedding day. A wedding photographer will be with you almost the entire wedding day capturing some of the most intimate and wonderful moments. Having a stranger hanging around for all of that seems a little bit awkward to me. So I won’t do that. From the initial inquiry, I do my best to make sure that we are a good fit so we can build a friendship over the months leading up to the wedding. Not only does this make the wedding day more fun, but it helps me better capture your story uniquely to you.

+ When do I get my photos back?

Sessions are delivered within 2 weeks of the session date & weddings are delivered within 4 weeks!

+ What kind of equipment do you use?

I have a variety of lenses and gear that I mix and match depending on the session. Most commonly I’ll be shooting on my 5D Mark IV with a 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2 or 85mm f/1.4 lens. Sometimes I’ll mix it up with my 24-70mm if I want to get a wider shot or a 135mm if I’m feeling extra artsy. On wedding days, I commonly shoot with two bodies and switch between the five lenses depending on the part of the day.

+ How do payment schedules work?

For sessions, I require a $100 non-refundable deposit upon booking to retain your date. I require the rest of the payment the day of the session. For weddings, I request for a 25% non-refundable deposit to save the wedding date. Then the rest of the payment is due three weeks before the wedding day. This is a good excuse to meet up and go over the last minute details as well!

+ Are there any hidden costs in your packages?

Nope. I try to keep it simple and deal with all the business stuff up front so we can get to the fun part. All of my galleries include the minimum amount of photos delivered through an online gallery! But don’t worry, I won’t hold on to anything I think you will love. The only costs that aren’t part of the session would be travel fees for sessions more than 50 miles from Brentwood, CA.

+ Do you deliver RAWs/unedited photos?

I don’t deliver any RAW or unedited photos. I shoot to create a final product, so sometimes, right out of camera, those photos aren’t as beautiful as when I take them in to edit. That’s why it’s super important that you love your photographer’s work, because editing get’s the work where it needs to be!

+ Can you photoshop us to look skinnier/have better skin/look like a whole new person?

While I am okay fixing anything that is temporary - acne, cold sores, a few misplaced hairs - I don’t do a lot of extra retouching because I want you to look like you. Trust me, it’ll be better that way!

+ What happens if we need to reschedule? Or if the weather is bad?

If we need to reschedule the date for an engagement session within 4 weeks of the date (for non-weather related issues), I do require a new $100 retainer to save the new date. In case of crazy, rainy weather forecasted 24-48 hours before the engagement session, I will move the deposit over to a new date. Though some of my best photo sessions have been on days that forecasted rain - and the forecast was wrong. I only reschedule sessions in case of rain or stormy weather. Overcast days are good and wind is normal out here! On wedding days, since you can’t really reschedule, we will be prepared to shoot in any covered spaces orindoor settings. I have a few clear umbrellas for somenice outdoor portraits as well.

+ From the time I put in that inquiry form, what can I expect from you?

I try to keep it simple for you and make the back and forth as easy as possible! Here’s how it goes: Put in an inquiry on my ‘Contact’ Page & tell me all about you and your bae. I’ll respond with my pricing magazine which has ALL the info on my sessions. If you think we’re a good fit, we’ll pick a date. To save your date, we will put down a $100 deposit and have you sign a contract (which is meant to keep us both safe and protected!) Dates aren’t saved until I get the deposit, so make sure to not procrastinate. From there, we will start the planning! I have styling/location guides to help you out and a questionnaire to help save us some back and forth. I’ll help you out with all the planning and send you some reminders leading up to the session to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll have the session! It’ll be fun and silly and full of smiles and giggles. Within 2 weeks of the session, you will get your photos back! From there you are welcome to print from my online gallery or ask me about photo books. I’m here to help and encourage you to make those photos tangible.