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Can't wait to Hear from you! 

I LOVE capturing memories & am so excited that you're considering me to capture some moments for you and your loved ones. 

That being said, I put my heart and soul into my work and  love working with people who want their photos to be an experience, not just another chore. I'm all about making photo sessions an enjoyable experience and capturing the REAL you, which takes a little bit extra time and commitment. & I'm overjoyed to  give your photo session the extra attention it deserves.

In the past years, I've discovered what I really love and where I'm at my best... spending time in the great outdoors, hiking around at sunset, and joking around all the while. If those things sound like fun to you, then I think I'm the perfect fit.

Whether you have a question about my pricing or my favorite color, feel free to get in touch with me below. I look forward to answering all of your questions! 

Note: It's okay if you or your significant other is awkward in front of the camera. I am too, believe me. My sessions are designed to help you forget about how awkward you feel and capture you having fun.



Okay, you're almost there...

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