Projections - Indoor Session with Gabby

About two months ago, when my brother ordered a new projector for the house, I knew I needed to take a shot at projector photography. It took me a few weeks, but eventually I got Gabby (@sleepyella) to come to the house, look into a bright projector, and help me work with some different backdrops.

There was a major focus on warmer colors for most of this session. As I go through, I will try to explain what the photos and backdrops make me think of... Stay tuned for a funny behind the scenes picture at the end, too! 

Okay, here we go...

This first set gives me total horror movie vibes. In some pictures, Gabby seems like she might be the starlet fleeing a villain in the woods, while in others, I feel that she may have started the fire. 

For the next background, we focused on geometric patterns. The focus here was to examine how the straight lines worked with Gabby's figure, whether by leading the eyes, framing Gabby, or making her look fragmented. We also were very aware of the red color, and tried to look at common emotions associated with red. In the first shot, our focus was on anger and we made slight variations for the rest of this set, including fear. 

The next color we focused on was a bit lighter and this set featured a photo I had taken on a trip to Point Reyes. I have always been amazed at how powerful crashing waves can be, so I directed Gabby into a pose that made her look powerful or in control. The second pose makes me think that she's getting swept away. 

This snowy background was another photo I took this past winter near Lake Tahoe. It is clear from the border around the picture that Gabby is not actually in the snow, but is merely part of the backdrop. I love this set, because Gabby looks like a deer caught in the headlights, which is interesting with a bright, false backdrop projected on her face. The photos show that Gabby knows she is part of a false reality, knowing it is not real or authentic, and there's fear behind her eyes at the possibility.

This last picture gave me total Halloween vibes (which is exciting with Halloween coming up so soon!). The background is eerie, the black outfit makes Gabby look witch-like, and she looks so contemplative - like she might be thinking about her next victim or spell or something. This is probably my absolute favorite picture of the set. 


Thank you for reading through my random musings on these pictures taken with Gabby and the projector. Since you were so kind reading until the end, heres a funny behind the scenes shot, starring Gabby and my sister's dog Rick.