Tiffany & Nick - Finfolk Mermaid Tail Couples Session - Rethinking Props

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Tiffany & Nick

It's not everyday that someone asks you to do a couples session involving a mermaid tail, so I knew right away that this session was going to be a good one.

These two showed up to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve with the cutest hats and ran around the forest with me. Despite Nick being nervous before the session, the two were so natural in front of the camera and made my job extra fun and super easy! After exploring the forest, we headed out to Gray Whale Cove State Beach to inch into the mermaid tail (harder than you'd think!).

How many people does it take to get one girl into a mermaid tail? At least three haha!

Logistically, shooting in a mermaid tail is not easy. Clearly, Tiffany couldn't walk around, so Nick had to carry her from place to place - making sure he had a tight grip so she wouldn't fall. While Tiffany got pretty good at scooting and rolling (haha!), Nick was a life saver for when we had to move from spot to spot. They're both rock climbers so the strength wasn't a problem! We got completely soaked during this session, but to say that it is one of the most magical photoshoots I've done is an understatement. Golden light, a real Prince Charming and his mermaid, and a whole lot of laughter made this shoot one for the books.

In this blog post, I'm challenging you all to rethink the way you do props! While chalkboards and blankets are a great start, sometimes bringing out a mermaid tail, heading to an airport to go around some planes, or even bringing out your favorite records can make photos a lot more unique. The important thing when considering if you want to use props to enhance a theme is to think about what you and your honey like to do. Be true to you, think about what makes you unique, and go from there. What are the coolest props you've seen in photos, had clients bring to sessions, or that you personally have incorporated in your photos? 

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Couple: Tiffany Nguyen - @tnguyen_ & Nick - @wohhhddyyy

Mermaid Tail by Fin Folk Productions

Hat by Forever 21 & Goorin Bros

Locations: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve & Gray Whale Cove State Beach