Garden of Eden - Portraits

There is nothing better than exploring new locations with locals to show you the best spots. I was shown one of my all-time favorite shoot locations by Ksenia & Elana when I spent a weekend in Santa Cruz earlier this month. We followed a trail that was along both a river and train tracks, and even saw a slow-moving train on our way home after the shoot. Both girls were so sweet, and we laughed through most of the session. I was also amazed at how both girls went into the water for "the shot" even as the morning grew colder.

This first set features Elana (@elanavelichko). Elana proved how cool she was when a spider crawled inside my camera bag and she saved my bag from it. I was too afraid to try to get it out, so she used a stick to remove it from near my lenses. What a hero! 

Here are photos with Ksenia (@kseniac) who recommended the location to me and who showed no fear when entering the pool area in her long white dress. I was so amazed by these ladies.

Thanks for reading. Comment below which photo is your favorite!