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Maria & the Red Camera - Portraits

Maria -- from Fiesta Flix Photography -- was an absolute joy to work with. It's always such a high honor when a fellow photographer likes your photos enough to want to hire you to take their photos, and I was beyond excited for the chance to photograph Maria to help her get some photos for her website...

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Projections - Indoor Session with Gabby

About two months ago, when my brother ordered a new projector for the house, I knew I needed to take a shot at projector photography. It took me a few weeks, but eventually I got Gabby (@sleepyella) to come to the house, look into a bright projector, and help me work with some different backdrops...

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Garden of Eden - Portraits

There is nothing better than exploring new locations with locals to show you the best spots. I was shown one of my all-time favorite shoot locations by Ksenia & Elana when I spent a weekend in Santa Cruz earlier this month. We followed a trail that was along both a river and train tracks, and even saw a slow-moving train on our way home after the shoot. Both girls were so sweet, and we laughed through most of the session. I was also amazed at how both girls went into the water for "the shot" even as the morning grew colder.

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Shark Fin Cove

Many Bay Area photographers have their share of awesome photos taken at Shark Fin Cove in Davenport, CA, but up until last weekend I had never had the pleasure. As my friend Taylor (@taytayboxing) and I wandered around the beach across from the "shark fin" rock at sunset, I was amazed at how much more beautiful it was in person. Taylor braved the waves, climbed around on a ton of rocks, and even got a little bit splashed. (Do it for the shot, am i right?)

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Becca & Nick: Creekside Park

Pictures of Becca & Nick at Creekside Park in Brentwood

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Community Over Competition