Austin & Alyssa: Cherry Blossoms & Corn Fields


In the past year, I've been lucky enough to try a variety of different photography - events, couples, weddings, families, portraits, headshots, you name it. When taking time to look back on it all, I've learned what makes my heart the happiest.

I love capturing interaction.

Capturing laughter and tears and happiness and love makes me feel insanely proud of what I'm doing. I love capturing the highest points for people in a way that is reflective of who they are. To think that the photos I take will be cherished for years makes me feel blessed beyond measure.


One thing I've heard a lot in the past few months as I've starting gradually working with more and more couples and families & changing the way I conduct my sessions is how fun my sessions can be and how many people even feel closer after they've finished the session. So many people fear or dread taking photos and this makes me sad. Whether people are professional models or feel insanely camera shy, I want them to feel comfortable to take the step to capture memories of them and their loved ones.

In order to encourage more people to take the step to get photos done with their loved ones, I wanted to go through a few excuses I've heard in the last year of taking photos as to why people don't like getting photos... Here we go!


1. I'm not pretty or photogenic enough.

First off, the whole reason to hire a photographer is so that they can make you look your best and your most natural. I've said this before, but when you hire someone you are not just hiring a person with a camera. You are hiring someone with knowledge on posing and producing interaction, someone who knows how to capture you at your best. One of my favorite things about working with couples is that sessions suddenly become less about being photogenic and more about enjoying time together. When you're laughing and loving on your babe, you tend to look your best because you are happy. This may sound cheesy, but happiness is the most beautiful quality a person has.

I have seen a lot of people lose out on creating tangible memories because they are worried about their hair or their weight. Don't let this keep you from getting photos or you'll regret not having those photos in years to come. Some of my favorite photos are from times I didn't get dressed up, but was captured with the ones I love. Despite my probable protest at the time, I am SO GLAD to have these photos. 


2. I don't have a good enough reason to get photos.

You don't need to have a reason to get photos done. I always find excuses to get photos of me & my boyfriend. Whether it's because of an anniversary or it's a season I like or we're traveling somewhere new and fun, I can always justify getting photos done. Zeke & I missed out on several years of taking photos together, and I'm sad we hadn't considered hiring someone just because. Within the past few months, I have made an effort to get more photos of us together and have gotten some of my favorite photos because of it. While engagements and graduations and holidays can be great excuses to get photos done, don't wait to have a reason. Just do it, you won't regret it. 


3. I'm too busy.

Life get's busy and I understand that, but while you're focusing on school and work and whatever else, you're missing out on a lot of important moments. I'd say that especially for families with kids growing up at insane speeds, it's important to make taking photos a priority so you can capture those moments. Before you know it, your kids will be living in a dorm room across the country. 


4. My iPhone takes great photos. I'll just get some selfies! 

This is the greatest way to be absent in your own photos. Selfies are great, I have quite a few of me and my boyfriend, but holding a phone and smiling at it is way different then having a professional capture your significant other and the way they look at you or the little things they do - like holding your hand as you climb over rocks so you won't fall or how you both look when you're laughing at your favorite Office quotes together. iPhone's do great work, but make sure you take time every year to be present in those memories!

I've heard a lot of excuses over the past year as to why people don't need to get photos done, but these are a few of the one's I hear most. Photos are important and lasting, don't forget to take time to document them.


Fun Fact: I carry a small, collapsable stool in my car which was how we were able to get these photos from overhead. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a giant. Other ways to achieve this shot include being over 7 feet tall or sitting on a friends shoulders and hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading! Photos were taken in Dixon, CA with Austin & Alyssa (@xalyssamarino). With help from Evan Schneiderman (@schneidy_man).