April Recap a.k.a. I have the coolest job in the world. (feat. Jay & Joe)

Meg's Marvels Photography - Auburn Engagement Session_0151.jpg

April was probably the busiest month of my career so far. At the beginning of this month, I was finishing up my vacation in Spain. After getting back and being super jet lagged, I hopped right in with one of the most beautiful half day sessions. From there, I got to work with some amazing clients, got to capture two weddings with the most wonderful brides, took a few tests for my business classes, spent countless hours editing, and got in a few walks with my dog and my boyfriend. While I might be a little bit exhausted, I also feel very blessed.

When I head to work, I head to some of the most beautiful places in Northern California. While many people around me head to offices, hospitals, school, etc, I head to the beach. Or a beautiful forest. I'm not saying it's all great. I rarely have an actual day off - even on the days I don't have sessions, I'll spend hours editing or answering emails or working on my online classes. But I have met some of the most amazing people through my business, many who I now consider to be my friends. 

I know I can get long winded, but I am thankful for where I am at and for who has been on this journey with me. Thank you.


Now here's some beautiful photos of Jay & Joe in Pacifica :) 

Thanks for reading & for all you mom's and mom's to be - check out Jaynlin's baby boutique called 'Dear & Darling' at the link below: