Community Over Competition



The Portrait Culture & Vintage Lilacs Magazine hosted a meet up this past weekend at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to finally meet some of the talent I have been following and interacting with on Instagram and to learn from other talented photographers and models. 

This meet up experience got me thinking about how important the phrase "Community over Competition" is. As photographers, especially on a platform like Instagram, it is very easy to compare ourselves to the mass amounts of talent seen on any given feed. I know that I, personally, can often get stuck in this way of thinking. I often have to challenge myself to become inspired by other's work, rather than discouraged. 

Photography can be complicated. Not every shoot comes out exactly how you pictured, not every client is easy to work with. Sometimes this can be for the better, and sometimes... well, you know. Experiencing this kind of negativity can often discourage us (creatives) to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the art we are creating.

On Saturday, I finally had the opportunity to meet so many talented and humble creatives whose work I have been following for months or to meet new creatives that I will definitely be following in the months to come. So many wonderful people had such meaningful and positive words for me and I was blown away by the kindness and support that surrounded the whole meet up. 

I drove home Saturday night knowing that I have a strong community behind me of photographers, models, and other creatives. Most importantly, I knew that my photography was helping me to create lifelong friends and surround myself with positivity and the motivation to keep improving upon my art. There was no sense of competition, but, instead, an inspiring and supportive community that has been built on passion and encouragement.









Featured above (Top to Bottom)

Margaret Pizarro (@messymarg)

Lily Hawkins (@lillian_vintage)

H. Kunz (@_hkunz_)

Hussein Termos (@husseintermos_)

Also, big thanks to The Portrait Culture (@theportraitculture) & Vintage Lilacs Magazine (@vintagelilacsmag) for hosting the meet up!