Why Location is So Important (feat. Carly)

I am a photographer who gets largely inspired by locations. Two of the most important things to me when planning a shoot are outfits and locations. These can make or break the picture. 

Luckily, even when you may not have the best location ever, it is really easy to fake it. Most of the time, all you need is a few feet of a decent looking background, and you can make it work. Some of the best pictures I've taken have been in flower fields off the side of freeway exits, an unoccupied spot on a golf course, or even a simple brick wall that provides nice shade. 

Although it is more than possible to find a location that can provide decent backdrops, there is nothing like going out to shoot in a new area and challenging yourself to really incorporate your surroundings. In my recent shoot with Carly, we were standing on top of a hill overlooking the city. This was not a backdrop I had worked with before, and was inspiring to be somewhere new and to see San Francisco, a place I visit a few times a week, from a new perspective.

While it is important to find beauty in your everyday surroundings, I value the times when I can get out and explore new places. 

Let me know some of your favorite outdoor locations, whether they're places you've traveled to once or places you see every day. I'm always looking for recommendations!