About Me

Hello! My name is Megan Welker, and I'm the girl behind the camera.

According to the dictionary a marvel is something that "causes wonder, admiration, or astonishment; a wonderful thing". I strive to create wonderful memories with my clients, and make memories that they'll admire.. Photography helps me to appreciate all the beauty surrounding me. Whether its a sunset or a smile, I am constantly amazed at how photography helps me see the beauty in everything and everyone around me.

I genuinely feel that photography is a wonderful thing, a marvel. 

I was raised in the Bay Area and have lived there most of my life. I am located in Brentwood, CA most of the time, though I spend a few days a week commuting to San Francisco for school. I have been interested in photography since my freshman year of high school when I got my first camera, and I continue to learn and grow my photography skills every single time I leave the house with my camera in hand. Besides taking pictures, I love to spend time with my dogs and my family,  be outside as often as I can, and travel on the few weeks I have off.

I believe it is the highest priority to have fun during photo sessions. I want to create an enjoyable, low stress experience, as I believe laughter and happiness bring out the beauty of absolutely anyone. Primarily I photograph portraits and couples. I try to shoot in nature as often as I can, since I think nature is a beautiful backdrop and inspires creativity. I am also primarily a natural light photographer, so you'll often finding me out photographing before sunset for some beautiful golden light. I love working with people who don't mind being silly and exploring with me. 

Photos by Garrick Wong of @neverwong_photography & Zeke Morton.

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